Thursday, February 4, 2016

Version 3.1 has been released

A new version of LuckNews has been released to the Apple App store.  This new version is a relatively small update, but improves the user interface in several small ways.  This version is available for El Capitan (10.11) only.

One of the changes is related to the feedback area that appears when the articles are being updated.  This area has been moved from the bottom of the subscription list to the bottom of the article list.  This allows you to now close the subscription list completely and only see the article list and article content - making for a cleaner presentation.

There are several other small improvements and changes, you may or may not notice them.

I'll also pass along a hint on the way I use the application, as there are several workflows and this one is working well for me.  After setting up the subscriptions, I tend to only read the articles which come in each day.  This means that for me, the act of managing my subscription list is rare - I mainly just read articles.  The way I do this is to: select all of the subscriptions; switch to see only the unread articles; close the subscription area; and then scroll through the articles.  This workflow is a little more pleasant with this version than in prior versions.

If anybody should experience any problems, please let me know.