LuckNews is a fully featured, easy to use news reader for your Mac.

Familiar mail-like interface. View articles as real web pages or in RSS news format.
Folders, search, automatic updating, notifications, easy navigation, full screen, and more.

Highlighted features:

• Scrolling and navigating are super easy - swipe to advance to the next article. Most of your time will be spent reading and advancing, LuckNews makes these tasks easy
• View real web pages for a subscription or have the articles presented in a more uniform and minimal RSS format - its your choice
• You can read articles offline. If you select the option to cache images your offline experience is enhanced. Do you want to be able to read on a plane? On a train?
• Article Search. Quickly search for articles that contain keywords
• Quickly and easily organize your subscriptions into folders
• Does not use Google Reader - the application fetches the articles directly without going through a third party

Selected additional features:

• Enhanced for Retina display
• LuckNews is able to retrieve RSS subscriptions that were in Mail before Mountain Lion
• View, search and export the articles you want by selecting individual subscriptions and folders. Easily select all subscriptions
• Notification Center will show you article banners or alerts as new articles arrive
• You can easily add new subscriptions to LuckNews. Discovery of subscriptions in web pages is supported
• Automatically update subscriptions at a frequency you control
• Flag articles and easily review or search through flagged articles
• Import/Export of OPML files (OPML is a subscription interchange format)
• Supports RSS and Atom news feeds
• Able to display RSS content in any language
• Choose how long you wish to retain the articles for each subscription. You may choose to have some subscriptions keep their articles forever while others remove their articles according to a rule you select
• Online help is available

LuckNews has many additional features and nice touches. LuckNews has been designed to provide you with a quality news reading experience.