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  1. Google translate: "not possible in app purchase". I have had users report this problem before, and it normally turns out to be a problem with their iTunes account. Make sure your credit card in the iTunes store is up to date and not expired for example. Many users use in-app purchase each day to upgrade their copy of LuckNews. It should work for everybody.

  2. no se puede iniciar sesión en google desde la app lucknews

    1. Google translate says: "you can not log in from the app google lucknews"

      If I understand correctly, you're asking about logging into blog's that require a user-name/password. LuckNews doesn't support that. If that's important for you, you'll need to look for another blog reader.

  3. Would it be possible for the main window to remember its position and size when the app is restarted. When the computer is restarted, so is the app, and its window is set to its default size and location... I usually close the main window and leave the app active so that it still polls the news sources. Current size and location could be saved at that time...