While LuckNews has a small development team (one person) that person is dedicated and experienced.

If you experience a problem with LuckNews, please send a description of the problem to the email address below and I will do my best to address the issue.

If you have any suggestions for improvements, please let me know.

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If you experience a problem, please do not simply give up.  I can help with most issues.


  1. Hi, Craig
    I purchased an upgrade to Luck News, but I can't add any new subscriptions. The details of my purchase are:
    Order ID: MHQYL3L5V1
    Receipt Date: 03/03/14
    Order Total: $2.25

    Can you tell my why my copy of Luck News did not upgrade?


    1. For anybody coming back to read this comment later - as of version 3.0, there is no longer any need for in-app purchases. The app itself, and all of its capabilities, are free.

  2. Craig.

    On a whim, I tried subscribing to a feed again, and Luck News accepted it. I guess the program needed a little extra stimulation to get going.

    Thanks anyway.


  3. Hi Daniel,

    The in-app purchase is the area of the app which has caused the most problem. I don't know what the issue is now, but I get sporadic reports from people, similar to yours, that the upgrade process isn't working well. It seems to help if you quit LuckNews and restart if you aren't able to make a purchase, of if the app doesn't recognize your purchase. Sorry about this everyone. Luckily, once the purchase goes through, you will never have to deal with it again!


  4. Does not work with El Capitan
    The Application is closing all the time, does not work at all!

  5. Every once in a while, an entry will show a yellow dot and I can't get rid of it. How do I turn off the yellow dots?

    1. The yellow dots indicate that the article has been updated. If you go back and visit the article again, the dot should go away - there may be new content there that you are interested in.

  6. If a website with rss feed needs a login and password. is there a possibility to put these credentials in the LuckyNews app?