Help - Article Search

After using LuckNews for a little while, you will end up with a lot of articles.  You can quickly and easily select keywords to search for and have LuckNews show all the articles which contain those keywords.

To do this, either select 'Find Article' from the Edit menu, or select 'Show Found Articles' from the popup menu at the bottom of the article list.  After doing this, a find window appears at the top of the article list.

It will initially be empty and show you how many articles are in the list.  Now simply start typing in keywords, separated by spaces.  As you type, LuckNews will immediately start searching for articles which contain what you have typed so far.

By default, LuckNews only matches words in the article which start with the word you have typed.  If you want to type in a word which you want to find anywhere in the article, select the search menu and change the selection to 'Contains'

You are also able to find articles that do not contain a keyword.  If you start a word with the '!' sign, then only articles which do not contain that word will be found.  For example, if I change the previous example to find articles which contain the word 'hilo' but not the word 'hawaii' I get a different result: