Help - Custom refresh interval's

LuckNews will automatically refresh all of your subscriptions according to a frequency you choose.  The Preferences window in LuckNews allows you to easily choose a refresh interval.  The choices are values such as: every 6 hours; every 3 hours, every hour; every 30 minutes; every 15 minutes and every 5 minutes.  Simply make a choice of an interval you like, and LuckNews will automatically update all of your subscriptions for you.

You can also ask LuckNews to update the subscriptions whenever you want.  In the 'Articles' menu, there is a menu item called 'Refresh All' which will invoke the refresh mechanism and perform an update whenever you want.  This is easily done by typing the keyboard shortcut for this menu item, Command-R.

It is expected that the vast majority of users who use LuckNews will not need to go beyond this built in capability.  There are however a few instances when you may need to refresh the subscriptions more quickly than every 5 minutes.  One example is if you were watching an online auction site.  Auctions happen quickly and you may need to refresh more frequently, such as when the auction comes close to its final stages.


(In what follows, support for fractional minutes is only supported in version 1.2.2, which should be released by around March 12, 2013.  Earlier versions only supported whole numbers for the minutes.)

These next few steps are meant for advanced users only.  If you follow these directions incorrectly, its possible that you could damage the settings for LuckNews.

You can specify, through the command line, exactly how many minutes you want LuckNews to use as the refresh interval, including specifying fractional minutes.  To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the application
  2. In the Terminal command window, type (or copy/paste) a command such as one of the following to specify how many minutes you want the refresh interval to be:
defaults write com.craigmcpheeters.LuckNews refresh 5
defaults write com.craigmcpheeters.LuckNews refresh 2
defaults write com.craigmcpheeters.LuckNews refresh 1
defaults write com.craigmcpheeters.LuckNews refresh 0.5
defaults write com.craigmcpheeters.LuckNews refresh 0.25
The first of the lines causes LuckNews to refresh every 5 minutes, the next every 2 minutes, then every 1 minute. Fractional values are portions of minutes, so 0.5 is 30 seconds, 0.25 is 15 seconds.

If you reduce the refresh time to a small value, you are encouraged to only do so for a short period of time. We all need to use internet resources responsibly.  Querying servers too frequently could be seen as bad behavior, if over used.

To restore the refresh interval to a larger value,  type (or cut/paste) the first line above to restore it to 5 minutes.  Alternatively, you can use the Preferences window to set a larger value.

I am not sure how widely this capability will be used.  If you find this useful and would like to see LuckNews support this in an easier manner, send LuckNews an email.