Help - Showing real web pages

In LuckNews, you can choose to view either the real web page for an article, or the RSS content - you choose.

Some subscriptions only send out a short summary for the RSS content.  If you find yourself always clicking through the title of these articles to get to the actual web page, you may find it useful to simply change the setting in the subscription information window to have LuckNews display the real web page for you.

It is not always better to view the real web page.  The real web page may be more distracting.  If may show advertising and advertising banners.  The RSS content is a more uniform way of viewing articles.  As the style of the article when viewing the RSS content is determined by LuckNews, you may find the  format easier to read as you switch between articles that come from different subscriptions.  Its your choice.

Here is a short example.  This subscription is sending out short summaries:

I like to read about their sailing adventures, so I found myself always clicking the title and reading the real article.  Now LuckNews can handle this for me.  To set this up, open the Subscription Information window for this subscription, and select the option "Show full HTML ..." as shown below:

After a short pause as LuckNews fetches all the real web pages for the articles, you will see the actual web page:

Note that the pause you experience when switching from RSS to real web pages will only happen one time.  From now on, when new articles appear in that subscription's RSS feed, LuckNews will automatically fetch the web page and it will be available when you view it.