Help - Customizing - General

You can customize LuckNews in a number of ways.

The first way to customize LuckNews is through its Preferences window.  Open this by selecting the 'Preferences...' menu item in the LuckNews menu.

You have control over the frequency that LuckNews queries the network to see if any of your Subscriptions have been updated.  The default is to check every hour, and you have a variety of choices both more frequent and less frequent than that.

News Feed documents only contain a limited number of articles, and as new articles are added to the web site the news feed is serving, older articles will be dropped off.  You have control over how long LuckNews retains articles.

  1. The default action is that LuckNews only retains articles as long as they are retained by the news feed.  As soon as the news feed drops the article, so does LuckNews.  You can modify this behavior in two ways.  
  2. You can set a higher or lower number of articles to retain.  Perhaps a news feed typically contains 25 articles but you want to retain a few more - you set the number to any value you want and LuckNews will respect it.  
  3. Lastly you have the option of retaining articles forever.  Care should be taken with this last option as the LuckNews data base can grow very large if you use this option.  While LuckNews is using an industrial strength data base, having tens of thousands of articles in LuckNews may slow down some operations.

I have set a few of my favorite Subscriptions to be retained Forever, a few are set to retain several thousand, and the rest are left to expire as they expire from the news feed.

LuckNews has a full web browser built in and is able to display movies, play audio and correctly format the Articles it receives.  The default settings for the web browser are displayed above.  You have control over the web browser security settings.

The next set of customization is how you can customize a Subscription.

The top part of this window is simply Subscription information, the bottom part will look familiar to the Application Preferences above.  If you unselect the 'Use Application Settings' check box, then you can customize how this Subscription's Articles will expire.  Each of the three settings has the same meaning as above.  Being able to set these settings for each subscription provides you with a lot of flexibility.

You have control over some folder properties as well.  These were discussed in the Notification Center topic.

When viewing articles, you are able to customize the font and the font's size.  Select the 'Change Article Font...' menu item from the Articles menu to change the font.  To restore the default font, select the 'Restore Font to Default' menu item in the same menu.  If you simply want to make the font larger or smaller, you can do so with the menu items in the View menu.  All of these settings are retained and applied if you quite and restart LuckNews.