Help - Finding Subscriptions

How do you find News feeds to give to LuckNews?

As you visit your favorite web sites, try to simply enter the web site URL into LuckNews and see if the web site advertises the location of its news feed.  This is often all that is required to add the news feed for a site you want to view to LuckNews.  Examples of this were discussed in the overview.

If the site does not advertise its news feed so it can be found automatically, try looking on the web page for a text string or image that indicates the news feed.  Look for images such as:

If you are presented with a choice for how to follow the articles, you should prefer Atom feeds over RSS although both will work.  Atom format is generally 'better'.  The following image gives two feeds each with five ways of reading it.  Choose the Atom format.

Some sites mention 'RSS' in their header or footer text somewhere.  This can be subtle, but look for it:

If you have many choices on how to read a site but don't see how LuckNews can get the information, choose the XML, Atom or RSS format.  In this example, you would choose 'View Feed XML'.

Sometimes when you give LuckNews the web site to search for news feeds, it will find more than one. You are then given the choice to pick the news feeds you want.  Such as in this example, simply select the feeds you want.  You can also rename them now as well:

There are lots and lots of news feeds out on the internet.  Go searching for those that interest you!