Help - Flagging articles

Every now and then, while reading news, you will come across an Article which you particularly enjoy, agree with, disagree with, an article which stands out in some way.  You can flag these articles so that they are easier for you to find later.

To flag an article, make sure the article is selected and from the Articles menu, use the 'Mark Flagged' menu item.  A special mark will appear on the article, a star, such as this:

You can have only the flagged articles appear in the Article list.  To do this, first select the Subscriptions you are interested in, and then select the 'Show Flagged Articles' menu item in the Articles menu.  Alternatively you can use the pop-up menu at the bottom  of the Articles list.

Your ability to select the Subscriptions you are interested in allows you a level of filtering.  If you wanted to see all of the flagged articles in LuckNews, simply select all the Subscriptions.  For me to find all my Sailing related flagged Articles, I would select the open Sailing folder and I would only see those articles.

Also, note that a flagged Article is never deleted, regardless of the other settings in LuckNews.  If you have gone to the trouble of flagging an article, LuckNews will never delete it until you un-flag it, and it will then adopt the normal deletion policy you have setup.