Help - Reading News

So lets assume now that you have added a number of Subscriptions to LuckNews and you want to go through your daily reading.  There are many different ways to use the application to do this, but I wanted to go through a few different ways of accomplishing the task.

For these examples, I suggest that you leave LuckNews running all the time.  In this way, it will be able to periodically query the news feeds to see if there is any new content present.  If there is new content then you may have been notified via the Notification Center that there are new articles to read.  (This notification is an option you can turn off, this is discussed in a later topic.)

The simplest way to read new news in LuckNews is simply to open the Notification Center and to click on the article in the list which interests you.  Clicking on a notification center notification will tell LuckNews to switch to that Subscription and to show the Article.

The next simplest way to read news in LuckNews is to occasionally notice if the Application badge is present.  If the badge is present it will indicate how many unread articles there are to read.  When there are unread articles, click on the LuckNews icon in the dock.  The left hand list, the Subscription list will show badges on each Subscription which has articles to read.  Click on a Subscription, then click on an article in the list.  Scroll through the article to read it.

A more fluid way to read the news will be to select all the Subscriptions at once, and to have LuckNews only show you the unread articles.  To do this, start in the Edit menu and select "Select All Subscriptions".  Then in the Articles menu, select "View Unread Articles".  The oldest articles will be at the end of the Article list, so scroll down and click on the last entry.  Read that article.  When you want to go to the next article, click on the "up-arrow key".

Lastly, the best way to read the news is available to you if you have a trackpad or magic mouse.  These devices allow you to make swipe gestures which can be used in LuckNews to advance to the next or previous articles.  Select all the Subscriptions again, as in the previous example.  Have LuckNews only show unread articles.  Then in the Article view, scroll down with your finger tips to read the article.  When you are finished, make the swiping gesture to throw that page to the left and advance to the next article.  The gesture can be configured in the System Preference application, in the Trackpad pane for laptops, something similar for the magic mouse.