Help - Sharing Subscriptions

After you have been reading online News for a while, you will likely collect a number of Subscriptions you wish to share.  This is easily done in LuckNews.

There is a Subscription interchange format established called OPML.  Many (not all) news readers support OPML.  LuckNews ensures that the folder structure you have setup will also be saved and restored through OPML files.  You can ask LuckNews to export either all or a selected portion of your Subscriptions into an OPML file, or to import Subscriptions from an OPML file.

If you have a category of Subscriptions stored in a Folder, such as a Sailing folder containing many Subscriptions, and you want to share all those subscriptions, simply select the folder and select the 'Export Selected Subscriptions...' menu item from the File menu.

You can mail or otherwise transfer an OPML file to your group of friends and have them read it into their news reader.

If you import an OPML file that was made from another news reader, note that it may not contain a folder structure, many news reader applications do not store the folder structure in the file.  LuckNews stores the folders along with the Subscriptions.

When you import an OPML file LuckNews will ensure that any Subscriptions in the OPML file that you are already subscribed to will not be duplicated - only new Subscriptions are imported.