Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Recovering RSS Subscriptions from Apple Mail prior to Mountain Lion (10.8)

I'm posting this article hoping that Google may find it and show it to people who are searching for a way to solve this problem.

If you had been reading RSS subscriptions in the Apple Mail app prior to upgrading to 10.8, Mountain Lion, then you may have discovered that this is no longer supported.  If you knew about losing this capability and have been holding back on upgrading so as not to lose this capability, I believe this app may be for you.  If you have already upgraded to Mountain Lion and want to retrieve your old subscriptions, this app may be for you.  If you're already running Mountain Lion and read RSS and Atom news Subscriptions, this app is also for you - its a good little news reader.

If you have not yet upgraded to Mountain Lion and want to be able to retrieve your RSS Subscriptions, be sure that you perform an upgrade, not a fresh install.

If you fall into the group of people who want to retrieve your old Mail RSS News Subscriptions, the directions to retrieve them in LuckNews is this:

  • launch LuckNews
  • in the File menu, choose the 'Import Subscriptions..." menu entry
  • you are presented with a dialog asking what you want to import.  Choose the second item, importing previously subscribed RSS subscriptions from Mail and press the 'Continue' button
  • you are now presented with some directions.  Read them and continue.  Briefly, you will be presented with an Open dialog and you need to navigate to where the old Mail Subscriptions are located.  The location is given in the title bar of the Open Dialog, so just read the title bar and navigate to the folder it describes.  When the proper folder is selected, press the 'Open' button
  • at this point LuckNews will search for your old Subscriptions and present you with the list it found.  Look through the list and accept them by pressing the 'Save' button

That's it!  The old RSS Subscriptions should be in the LuckNews Subscription list and the current articles retrieved.

* Note that LuckNews does not support retrieving RSS subscriptions from Safari prior to 10.8 - I never used that capability and so didn't build it into LuckNews - sorry if you fall into that camp.

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