Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Version 1.2 is now available

The newest version of LuckNews is now available.

This version adds some awesome new features as well as generally improving all areas of the application.  The two biggest new features with this release are Article Search and the ability to view real web pages in the application.

The previous post discussed the ability to view real web pages - check it out.  I've been using this new feature of LuckNews for several weeks now and really like it.  To give it a try, simply open up the Subscription Information window for a subscription and turn on the option.  To open the Subscription Information window, select a single subscription and then in the File menu, select 'Subscription Information…'

Article Search is easy to use and works much as you would expect.  To start a search, select the 'Find Article' item in the Edit menu.  Then simply type words into the search window that has appeared.  Many applications always show the search window, even when you don't need it.  I chose to have the search window appear and disappear so that you can focus on the articles and their content.  I want LuckNews to have a clean, minimal interface.

There is a feature in Article Search which is not obvious - you are able to both search for articles which contain keywords as well as articles which do not contain keywords.  For example, you can find all articles which mention "hilo hawaii" in their content. Or if you wanted to find all articles which mention hilo but not hawaii, you would type: "hilo !hawaii".  The ! character at the start of a word means to only match articles which do not contain the word.

Also new is the ability to have the application cache images which enhances the ability to read articles when you do not have a network connection.  If you plan to read articles when you are not connected to the network, for example when you are on a sailboat in a tropical paradise, or on a plane or train, you can use this option to download all the images so they are available when you need them.

I hope you enjoy this release.

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