Monday, February 11, 2013

Version 1.2 is on the way...

I submitted version 1.2 of LuckNews to the AppStore today.  Here is a small preview:

LuckNews is now able to display the actual web page for a news article, rather than the RSS content.  Scrolling down a little in the page above, you see the following:

The page continues with many more images and more text.  The image below is what you would see in a RSS news reader which only shows the RSS content.  This is what you would see in version 1.1 of LuckNews, and most other RSS news readers.

Same article as above.  This is the RSS content.

Notice that apart from the RSS feed not containing any images, it also has much less content.  Many news feeds only send out a short summary of the article, leaving you to click through to the real web page to see the content.

LuckNews is now able to automatically fetch the real web content for an article and present it instead of the RSS news feed content.  In the 'Subscription Information' window, there is now an option you can select to show the web page content rather than the RSS.  There are some other new options as well, more on those later.

I come across many news feeds where the RSS content is much less rich than the real article on the web, this example is not contrived or artificial.  If you read a lot of web news, I'm sure you will have come across this as well.

The new version of LuckNews should be available in around a week or so, expect it to be available by sometime after February 21st.  Customers of version 1.1 or earlier will receive the update for free of course.

I hope you enjoy this new feature.  I do!

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